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Generator Covers & Enclosures - Are They Necessary?

When your power runs out, you need to be able to depend on your generator. Although generators are the first thing people go to when the power goes out, generators aren’t very good at withstanding the weather themselves, this is where a cover or enclosure comes in handy.

Why Protecting Your Generator Is A Good Idea

If you’ve got a portable generator, the importance of covering your generator from the weather is even more important. While it’s important that your standby generator not get wet, they often come with a steel enclosure that provides a moderate amount of protection by itself.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning is no joke. Every year at least 430 people die from accidental CO poisoning. It’s very important that your portable generator exhaust not flow into an area where people reside. The real danger in carbon monoxide poisoning lies in the fact that the CO exhaust produces no smell. So while you may think you’re ok, if you’re hanging out next to your generator indoors then you’re inhaling dangerous amounts of CO.

A generator cover or enclosure will allow you to place your generator outside where the carbon monoxide dissipates safely into the air. Don’t put your family in danger, don’t keep your generator indoors.

Danger of Electrocution

Some generators produce enough electricity to power a whole house. Do you think water, a great conductor for electricity, is a safe thing to have on or around your generator? Of course not!

Not only can a generator cover allow you to remove your family from harm, you can also protect yourself. While grounding your generator can help reduce the likelihood of being electrocuted, a generator cover or enclosure is another relatively cheap solution when it could save your life.

Bad For The Generator Itself

Generators are expensive, and they don’t mix well with water. The instructions on the generator often explicitly say, "don’t use in wet weather". However that can be a little difficult when generators are most often relied upon in wet and dangerous weather. Do yourself and your generator a favor, buy a cheap generator cover.

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Covers Vs Enclosures

Generator covers are mainly for portable generators and large inverter generators. While there are some covers for standby generators, the majority are for portable generators.

Besides, it doesn’t really make sense to use a generator cover for a standby generator. While portable generators are… portable, standby generators are stationary and therefore a larger enclosure is more effective. Also, standby generators can be significantly more expensive than portable generators, so it’s even more important to protect your investment with a protective enclosure.


Your generator is often the last thing between a warm house and an uncomfortable night. In the most extreme case, whether your generator works or not could be the difference between life or death. It simply doesn’t make sense to bet your life or families life on something that can be so easily prevented. Avoid unnecessary danger, purchase a generator cover or enclosure, it doesn’t make sense not to.

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