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Champion 75531i - 3,100 Watt Inverter Generator

Champion 3,100 watt inverter generator

The Champion 75531i is a 3100-watt Inverter Generator that provides emergency power and runs on unleaded gasoline. Fuel efficiency is very good, and the small 1.6 gallon fuel tank can run the unit for 8 hours when used at 1/4 of maximum load. The energy produced by this model is very clean, due to a computer-optimized wave form that produces reliable, stable current needed by most sensitive electronic equipment, such as computers and audio/video components.

Powerful and Energy Saver

The generator is made with a 171cc OHV engine, which is designed to supply 3100 watts of surge power or 2800 watts in normal running capacity. With this kind of power, you can run a variety of rather large appliances at home, when recreating or on the job. In addition, power output is metered by an automatic idle feature, which revs engine RPM up or down as needed to satisfy electrical load. If you want to save fuel for longer operation, there’s the Economy Mode feature that will automatically reduce the power whenever the load lowers. A single full tank can last for more than 8-hours of usage provided with quarter load when the Economy Mode is activated.

Highly Portable Design

The Champion Power Equipment 75531i 3100-watt Inverter Generator features a highly portable design which is great for camping, RV’s or cover outdoor events. The generator weighs only 80-pounds that includes wheels and fold away handle for super easy transport.

Silent Inverter Generator

The 3100 inverter generator is designed for silence with only a 58dBA noise level. This is great for camping because it won't disturb your fellow campers.


  • Fuel efficient
  • Relatively quiet operation
  • Good runtime and fuel efficiency
  • Compact footprint
  • Flip up handle for transport on luggage style wheel


  • No gas drain
  • No dual connectivity
  • Wheels small for soft ground
  • Louder than advertised under heavy load


This 3100 watt inverter generator has the brawn to power AC units as large as 15,000 BTUs and operate sump pumps and other high-draw appliances with relative ease. The Champion Power Equipment 75531i, like most other mid-sized inverters in its class, uses a manual recoil pull-start. The generator is protected from unwanted overheating that stays in tough conditions anytime due to its low oil sensor feature. This model brings very big power for an inverter, runs relatively quiet, and is very reliable, making it an excellent choice.

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