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DuroMax/DuroStar Generator Reviews

DuroMax XP4400e

duromax xp4400e

The XP4400e is a cheap generator. It provides 4,500 watts surge and 3,500 running, plenty for emergency situations.

DuroMax XP4850EH

duromax xp4850eh

The XP4400e can be powered by gas as well as propane. It provides 4,850 watts surge and 3,850 watts running, read more.

DuroMax XP10000e

duromax xp10000e

Gas powered, 10,000 watt surge/8,000 watt continious. 10-hour run-time, both electric and manual start.

DuroStar DS4000s

durostar ds4000s review

The DuroStar DS4000s provides 4000 watts surge, and 3300 continuous. Great mid-sized generator for camping or home.

DuroStar DS4400

durostar ds4400 review

Looking for more power? The DuroStar DS4400 is the next step up from the 4000s, See why.

DuroStar DS10000e

durostar ds10000e review

One of DuroStar's largest portable generators. 10000 watts of power, this generator can power anything you need.

Duromax Brand

DuroMax Brand History

If you looked for the DuroMax or DuroStar corporate website, there isn't one. DuroMax and DuroStar are shell companies of DuroPower, a California based engine and power tool company.

DuroPower got its start 16 years ago as a contract manufacturer providing ballasts to leading lighting companies. It developed a worldclassk ISO-certified, 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility to produce top quality,high-volume products.

Since then, DuroPower has created 20 different models , 2 distinctive designs for single, triple and four cylinder engines.

Behind the positive advertising, many people complain that DuroMax generators are lower quality than advertised. While good reviews can be found on the generator engines themselves, many people have noted a poor experience with customer service.

While the company advertises a manufacturing facility in California, many people have expressed concern that substandard products are being shipped from over-seas.

Both DuroStar and DuroMax are brand name generators produced by and for Duropower in California. Owned by the private company, Dexin International Inc, Duropower was incorporated in 1992. Since then, both Duromax and Durostar have become recognized brands in the portable power generation market.