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Duromax XP4400e Review

Duromax XP4400e

I was looking for a generator to keep my house running doing those annoying power outages. After doing my research, I settled on the DuroMax XP4400e portable gas generator. The XP4400e runs for 8 hours at 50% usage using unleaded gasoline. It has an electric start or a recoil start, and a battery is included. I expected to have to purchase that separately. First time I pulled the rope, it fired right up. Just be sure to follow all instructions for run times and choke positions.

This generator puts out 3,500 watts of continuous power. Keep in mind, the surge power is 4,400 watts. What I also like about this generator is that it has two 120-volt plugs and 1 120/240-volt twist lock plug. I can run any type of equipment I need. The 7 horsepower engine gives me more power than I expected.


  • Tank size: For me the tank size was a major selling feature. Knowing I had 8 hours of run time (at 50% capacity) meant I could get a good night's sleep without having to worry about getting up, going outside just to add gas.
  • Electric Start: Not only is there a manual recoil pull start, but an electric start as well.
  • Wheels: A wheel kit / handle are a standard features. It's nice to know the wheels will never deflate and the handle folds down for easy storage.
  • Low Oil Shut-off: I had never considered what would happen if the generator ran out of oil while in use. This heap, portable gas generator has an automatic shut-off!


  • Weight: With the added weight of a full take of gas, this is difficult if you are lifting it. Fortunately, I don't have a need to do that often.
  • Noise Level: I'm not even sure this is should be considered a con. It really isn't too loud, considering all the power it is putting out. Even when you are camping it meets noise restrictions of our park. But you do have to speak over it. As I stated, I originally purchased this generator for an emergency backup system. But since purchasing it, I have taken it camping with the family. It provided plenty of power for a portable an air conditioner and laptop usage.


For a cheap price this portable generator will get the job done for any person, be it an emergency or not. If you are looking for a generator for home use or for camping, I would consider the DuroMax XP4400e. It really does the job.

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