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Generac 6729 20kW Watt Review

generac 6729 review

The Generac Guardian 6729 is a comprehensive solution for home back up power supply. This generator also packs 20,000 Watts, which is enough to power your whole home without the need to worry about cut outs, or rationing your power. It runs on liquid propane gas or natural gas.

Auto Start

The Generac 20kW generator has an auto start feature which means as soon as the power turns off, the generator turns on and begins powering your home. This standby generator includes the Generac 200 Amp automatic Transfer Switch which is necessary to transfer the power from the generator to your home.

The transfer switch is installed in the distribution board and senses when the utility supply cuts out. It will then switch on the standby generator within seconds. This is one of the most important elements of a standby generator system as it makes a difference when the real emergency occurs.

No Need to Re-fuel

As opposed to smaller portable units, this natural gas home generator is designed solely for back-up power supply. The unit includes the piping, but it should probably be installed by a professional. It has the added bonus of endless fuel during a disaster because natural gas lines are underground as it works very well in conditions where the natural gas pressure is very low, as it can operate with just 3.5” of water column of pressure.

Protection From Bad Weather

The Guardian 6729 is built to withstand all types of weather. It will not corrode. Generac have coated the enclosure with their own technology that binds the paint to the generators body so that there is no chance of corrosion or water infiltration that could damage the parts.


  • It is clean
  • Rated for indoor/outdoor Installation
  • It is reliable, durable, high quality and strong
  • Low maintenance
  • It is a quite generator


  • Needs to be install by professional.


A standby generator is going to be ideal for people who encounter blackouts quite frequently or live in an area with strong storms and other weather phenomenon that can cause unexpected inconvenience. This generator however, has features that are specifically made to make power outages less frustrating. You can set the time to your convenience and the generator automatically does test runs. Talking about noise, the generator is as loud as an idle car during the test. The Generac 20kW generator is also built for low maintenance so that you only need to perform maintenance once every two years or after 200 hours of use.

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