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Generac iX2000 Review

generac ix2000 review

The Generac iX2000 is a dependable and reliable generator. It is built to last! It comes with many features including inverter technology and the FlexPower to conserve fuel and reduce noise. Since it is a cheap, portable generator, it is very lightweight compared to other brands and models. It only weighs 49lbs.


  • Features two 5-20R outlets with electronic overload protection and on 12 volt battery charging outlet
  • Convenient Power Source - 2000 running watts and 2200 starting watts
  • Super Quiet and Campground Friendly - Full enclosure drastically reduces sound levels
  • Compact, Lightweight Design - Easy to carry wherever you need power
  • Flex Power - Conserves fuel and reduces noise by optimizing engine speed

What Sets It Apart From Others?

Firstly, it is very lightweight and easy to move around. Most generators are quite heavy! It's rated at 2,200 watts which is an amazing chunk of power for a quiet, portable generator that is only half the size of other generators with the same number of watts.

Flexpower Option

The FlexPower option provides two modes of operation. It has an environment-friendly mode that saves gasoline, and a high mode that is great for more extensive use. As for the safety of your electronics? It has a circuit breaker protection mechanism to ensure that your brand new laptop is safely powered.

Even better, this generator comes with oil, funnel, inverter, and cables. There is no need to buy extra accessories to accommodate this machine. It comes fully loaded!

Convenient And Safe

The designers knew the importance of preserving the engine. With that in mind, they enabled the machine to sense when the oil becomes too low. The moment it senses that the engine is low on oil, the generator will automatically shut down. This prevents possible damage to the engine and further preserves the life of the machine. It is always wise to ensure it is loaded with oil as you never know when the next big storm may blow through your area. It's never fun when a groceries in the refrigerator are spoiled due to a lack of power and electricity. It's also never fun when you're cooking dinner in the camper and the generator shuts everything off due to low oil. Always keep plenty of oil and gasoline in close proximity when the generator is a necessity for survival.


  • Comes equipped with oil, funnel and cables
  • Lightweight
  • 2,200 watts
  • 12V outlet
  • inverter
  • Half the price


  • Not certified in California
  • Louder than other brands
  • Requires priming before starting
  • Several complaints on the choke lever


The IX2000 is a perfect inverter generator for the consumer searching for the optimum price and quality. (Unfortunately, it is not available for purchase in the state of California.) It is small, lightweight and ideal for the first time user. When browsing through the Generac IX2000 reviews, the main complaint stems from broken choke levers. However, it hasn't been the experience for every consumer. Otherwise, for people on a low budget, this is a handy device that may save a life during a blizzard or two!

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