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Generac XG8000e Review

generac 8000 watt

The Generac 5747 XG8000E 8000 Watt Generator is an ultra-powerful portable solution in the 7000 – 10000 watt category. It gives you the peace of mind knowing that even during a power outage you have access to essential appliances — lights, refrigerator, freezer, sump pump, heaters or air conditioners. Most consumer comments and Generac recommends 5W-30 oil. When you buy the Generac XG models, they come with two quarts of SAE-30.


  • Single touch electric start, battery included, provides hassle-free start-up
  • Illuminated LED control panel for improved visibility, and a PowerBar to easily monitor power wattage
  • Covered, GFCI circuit breaker protected outlets for circuit protection
  • Low-oil pressure shutdown automatically safeguards engine from damage
  • Hour meter with maintenance resets, tracks usage and monitors maintenance cycles

Pressurized Oil System

Most generator engines are splash oil types where the moving parts “dip and deliver”. This is acceptable for small engine uses, but the pressurized system in this 8000 Watt generator has many advantages in longevity. Oil is meant to lubricate moving parts and dissipate heat yes, but much more. Suspended impurities wear on the very parts the oil is intended to protect.

Strength and Durability

The Generac 5747 Portable Generator is as tough as it is reliable. An extra thick hardened steel frame provides strength you can count on — ideal for job sites and demanding tasks for the home. A sturdy fold-down, locking handle and heavy-duty, pneumatic wheels provide improved portability.

Added Protection and Convenience

The Generac 5747 is loaded with extras to provide years of hassle-free use. Low oil shutdown automatically safeguards the engine from damage. Covered outlets provide added protection from the elements. A large steel fuel tank delivers extended run times.

The generator features easy-access controls to simplify operation and includes handy features to make operation easier, such as illuminated control panel for improved visibility. Reminders on the hour meter tracks scheduled maintenance more easily.


  • OHVI Engine
  • Oil filtration and overall good fuel economy
  • Electric start – battery included
  • LCD hour run time meter
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator
  • Low Oil Pressure Shutoff
  • Cast iron cylinder sleeves
  • LED lighted panel
  • Replacement oil filter, air filter and spark plug included
  • 120V 240V output


  • No DC charging
  • No battery charge indicator light
  • Hard to reach battery
  • No voltage meter
  • Not a quiet generator


Overall the Generac 5747 XG8000E is a good choice for someone looking for a dependable portable generator in the 7000 to 10000 watt category for household or job site purpose. The electric start feature is a blessing for the variety of users who need one. The generator has better fuel economy when compared to other generators in this power range. It’s a great choice for home or commercial use. It has enough power to run your A/C and the rest of your RV. You get versatility and peace of mind.

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