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Honda EU2000i Review

honda 2000 watt inverter

The Honda EU2000i provides 2000 watts of portable power and represents one of the leading inverter generator models on the market. With a lightweight, compact design, this versatile generator provides easy portability for camping, recreation and home backup power. Honda recommends 10W-30 oil for ideal usage.


  • Ideal for camping, supplemental RV power and any other activity that requires quiet operation.
  • Eu2000i is Fuel efficient Thanks to Eco Throttle System
  • Power for RV microwaves refrigerators hair dryer small AC units and much more
  • Advanced inverter Technology reliable power for computer equipment
  • Lightweight compact Weighs 47 pounds Eu2000i is incredibly lightweight portable

Super Quiet

With a remarkably low 53 to 59dB noise level, this generator is super quiet, making it a top choice virtually anywhere. It also features special sound-dampening materials and Honda's exclusive Eco-Throttle system to help reduce the noise level by not requiring the engine to run at full speed constantly.

Lightweight and Compact

The generator is the ultimate portable power solution as it weighs less than 47 lbs. The built-in handle makes the generator convenient to carry. Plus, the compact size neatly fits in your car, truck, boat, RV or camper, making this versatile inverter generator the ideal tag-along.


Equipped with Honda's exclusive Eco-Throttle System, the generator runs up to 9.6 hours on less than one gallon of fuel — ideal for maintaining overnight power.

Eco Friendly

Eco-Throttle allows the generator's engine to automatically adjust the engine speed to produce only the power needed for the application in use and helps to reduce exhaust emissions. This CARB-compliant model also features a U.S. Forest-approved spark arrestor for safe use in parks and forests.

Parallel Capability

When connected with another Honda EU2000i Companion portable inverter generator using a parallel kit, the generators provides up to 4000 Watts of power without having to trade up for a larger, heavier generator. You get more power without sacrificing portability.


  • Very Quiet
  • High fuel efficiency
  • Can be connected in parallel to double the power.
  • Extra 12V DC Outlet
  • Light Weight Design


  • No fuel gauge
  • Narrow fuel opening
  • Voltage can sag


There are various features that make this portable generator very appropriate to have around the house or even carry it around to fulfil other powering needs. The Honda EU2000i will offer a smooth flow of power to keep the appliances running perfectly. It comes with a safety system that shuts down the engine when oil reaches a critically low level that could damage the device. The microprocessor controls the operations of all sensitive electronics. This results in stable, clean power in a smaller, lighter package. Combined with the lightweight portability of this generator, this Honda 2000 watt portable generator is an ideal tag along power source.

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