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Honda EU3000is Review

honda 3000 watt inverter

The Honda EU3000iS inverter generator produces up to 3000 watts to power your furnace, fridge, microwave, 13,500 BTU RV AC units and more. It is a clean, quiet and reliable power source. Honda recommends 10W-30 oil to fuel the generator.

Clean Power

It is the safest power source for delicate electronic equipment. Conventional generators can harm your appliances due to their unstable AC voltage output, while inverters are designed to produce the cleanest sine wave voltage because of which Honda EU3000iS generator should be used to run your computers and other sensitive gadgets.

Excellent Panel Design

The Honda EU3000iS Generator is by far one of the simplest generators to operate due to its excellent panel design. Starting on the top left there is a parallel operation outlet that doubles its power with another unit. Below it there is an output indicator, overload alarm and oil alert. It provides two 20-Amp 120v AC outlets to accommodate regular your home appliances and a 23-Amp twist lock outlet for power tools.

Powerful Engine

This Honda 3000 watt generator is made of 6.5 Horse Power 4-stroke Overhead Valve with single cylinder and air cooled feature for smooth operations. With this kind of power it can run power tools, heaters, microwave ovens and even 13,500 BTU A/C units for your RV needs. If more power is required, this generator can be connected in parallel with a non-obligatory link that doubles its capacity to 6,000 watts of peak power.

Fuel Efficient

The generator is said to be a fuel efficient if its uses less fuel while it runs for longer period of time. Eco-Throttle allows the generator's engine to automatically adjust the engine speed to produce only the power needed for the application in use and helps to reduce exhaust emissions.


  • Easy to use
  • Weather resistant outer shell
  • Reliable
  • Very Quiet


  • Difficult to add oil
  • Too short of a run time


It is the most reliable generator and has got everything on it from quietness to efficiency. This would work very well as a worksite or construction type generator as well. With optimum fuel saving, this Honda 3000 watt generator can last up to 24-hours on a single full tank with its state of the art Eco-Throttle system feature, it means that you have more quality time to enjoy your recreational activities, finish your projects and stay safe during a power shortage.

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