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Yamaha EF2800i Review

Yamaha EF2800i generator inverter

Built within a compact and robust frame, the Yamaha EF2800i Inverter Generator is one of the most versatile units in the Yamaha range. Its imposing maximum output of 2800 watts is accompanied with market leading features to ensure its operation is fuel efficient and extremely reliable. Yamaha recommends 10W-30 oil for ideal operation of this generator.

Smart Throttle technology

A massive 11.2 litre tank means you can get 17 hours run time at a quarter load. Complimenting this, the Yamaha Smart Throttle technology maximises fuel efficiency by adjusting the engine speed directly in line with the output requirements.

Clean power

The Yamaha EF2800i’s 2800 watt inverter system with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) produces clean power output, so it is safe to run any sensitive electronic equipment like, smart phones, computers and TV’s. All this comes within an efficiently sized unit weighing under 30 kilograms.

Robustly built

The Yamaha EF2800i is far more accommodating to a range of uses, including; camping, caravanning, outdoor events/functions, domestic backup, as well as trade and agricultural tasks owing to its tough, metal-framed design. Noise level suppressor and in-built muffler allows for a quiet operation.

Advanced safety features

Yamaha’s 2800 watt inverter generators features Oil Watch Warning System which automatically shuts off before oil level is low and cannot be re-started until oil is added, this prevents engine damage and costly repairs while enhancing long-term durability. The generator also features USFS-approved Spark Arrestor which offers quiet operation and keeps sparks from exiting exhaust system, reducing chance of fires caused by an errant spark.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to start
  • Robustly built
  • Excellent runtime with enough power


  • Oil fill is a little hard to get to
  • Can be a little noisy


The Yamaha EF2800i is a decent buy for any households. It’s CARB-compliant so you can expect for quality, durability, economy, and energy efficiency. The 2800 watt inverter generator is also environment-friendly, helping reduce emissions in the air. This generator is ideal for people requiring an inverter generator to run appliances for longer periods, such as their fridge/freezers when there is a blackout for a day or more. The Yamaha inverter generator can also be very popular for those intending to use their generator for more than one application; i.e. recreational uses as well as for work purposes or domestic backup. Combined with it’s safety features including low oil warning, the unit will provide reliable power for a long time to come.

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